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Why You Should Buy in the Winter

Posted on December 21, 2018 by Anthony Vulin in Beverly Hills, Glendale, Hollywood Hills, Market Update, Real Estate, Santa Monica, Silver Lake, Uncategorized, West Hollywood

‘Tis the season to buy a home!

Spring and Summer are popular times of the year to purchase; school’s out and homes are flying off the market. But high temps bring high prices…
And sometimes bigger headaches!

So here’s why you should do some holiday home shopping
In the winter instead!

Low temps, lower prices: Homebuyers aren’t usually looking to purchase in the winter. It’s the season for holiday shopping and traveling. Good news for you! Sellers might have to resort to lowering prices to attract an already tiny buyer pool.

Less Bidding Wars:With less buyers comes less competition. Home prices tend to go down in the winter and sellers have to create more demand for their home, giving you, the buyer, more power.

Smoother Process: A slower season means a more efficient closing process. All of the moving parts of a purchase — from handymen and inspectors to appraisers and cleaning services —  are set in motion quicker and more smoothly.

Provided By : Natalie Salins


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